6 thoughts on “Reed Works Connect IQ apps”

  1. Hi. Can you please explain a bit more, what you mean by ‘not functional’? Is it not getting highlight when there are messages? If you configure any of the data fields 3 – 10 to notifications, does it always show zero count? Thanks.

  2. Hi. At gradient watch face, notification icon is on display, but it is not functional. I have venu, and my husband venu 2… Could you help?

  3. Awesome app, man!!! It’s the best app from the store and the most configurable. Also very creative. Congratulations for your work 👏. I am very happy to use it. I bought the lifetime edition:)

  4. This happens on some watches sometimes, e.g. after swimming or moving between areas with different pressure. You can try to calibrate the baro sensor on your watch or disable the auto calibration for altitude.

  5. The altitude gives not the correct reading, like now it says 877 ft below seelevel.

  6. Awesome App!! Very happy and Creative.
    -It’s all you need once you understand all the nice functions.

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