Instinct Pro

A new watch face from Reed Works!

Created to complement the unique design of this beautiful watch, or to provide a similar experience on other devices.

  • 10 (or more on some devices) general data fields with 40+ options each
  • Circle field with 4 configurable data: 3 graphical and 1 numeric
  • Extra data field shown when the seconds are inactive
  • Status icons (phone, notifications, alarms, do not disturb)
  • Graphs (options depend on device)
  • 4 configurable datasets
  • Color accent options*
  • Switching of datasets and color themes on the watch, without a phone*
  • Battery saving options
  • 4 background modes**
  • 3 Circle highlight levels**
  • 3 time font options
  • Choice of Garmin (on compatible devices) or OWM weather
  • Live / Real time heart rate

    *On compatible devices only
    **Not available on AMOLED devices

To download, visit Garmin app store here

To purchase an unlock key, visit here.

A user manual is available here.

For devices that support color, see the instructions here.

32 thoughts on “Instinct Pro”

  1. Please add \n (newline) to date format. It would be useful for date in circle. For example “n\nd.M”:


  2. I’ve been having issues with the watch face going black only showing seconds and then going back to the standard watch face until I go back in and switch it on my instinct 3x

  3. Thank you for your feedback! I will need to check, but I can’t promise now it will be possible. There are many new features people want, but Instinct devices are notoriously short on system memory.

  4. Great WF, the best out there for an Instinct 2X. Would it be possible to show the weather and temperature in the circular window (Circle Number)? Thanks.

  5. Buen día. Si sus claves de API existentes no funcionan, probablemente no sean válidas para la API de OneCall. Para crear una nueva clave que funcione, debe suscribirse a “OneCall by Call”

  6. Buen día metí mi clave Api y mi teléfono no la ley la he intentado con varias claves y sigue sin poder leerlas intenté crear una nueva cuenta de Open Water Map para suscribir otra clave Api y tampoco la ley Necesito ayuda y Necesito resolver esto

  7. Hello and thank you for your message. You couldn’t find it, because until recently it has not been possible. It looks like it could become possible with the new Garmin’s SDK 4.2.x, so probably this feature will gradually start appearing in 3rd party watch faces. However, in my view the current SDK is to buggy to be used (it will cause malfunctions on some devices), so I’ll wait until it gets fixed or workarounds become known.

  8. Hello is it possible to add as a data field the next calendar event? I’ve been looking for a watch face that has this and gave not been able to find one

  9. Hello and thank you for your comment.

    I have to admit that I’m very puzzled by this request 🙂 On black background, the information is white, on white background, the information is black. Why should it be different for the moon?

    I have several watch faces, all of which follow the same concept, but only Instinct Pro users think that the moon is reversed. Why is that?

    And I don’t even know how this could be fixed. What if a user chooses e.g. yellow icons on white background? Would then the moon be considered reversed or not?

  10. Hello! When switching to a light theme, the color of the moon is reversed. Could you fix this?

  11. Hey. Thanks for your support and your feedback!

    Technically it is possible, but any feature enhancements on Instinct 2 watches are restricted by the amount of memory available.

    I will see what I can do.

  12. Hey. Thanks for this watchface, I bought it. I have one question/issue, on my instinct 2s the power save mode on only shows time. Is it possible to get it to show all info and after a while only to show the time? Like when I wake the screen up, I want to see more details.


  13. Thank you for your feedback!

    Does Active Calories remain 0 the whole day even while the Total Calories keeps increasing? If so, can you check that your User Profile information in Garmin Connect is correct?

    If so, I would suggest restarting the watch and the phone.

    When you say the sunset is off, are you comparing to Garmin’s widget? If so, I’m not sure if Garmin’s value is more accurate than Instinct Pro. Can you try to google sunset time for your location and see what you get?

  14. Active Calories shows as 0. Also my sunset time appears to be a day off.
    Thanks for the watch face!

  15. Yeah, I belive it is for the same day. For example currently (current time 08:54) Instinct pro is displaying sunset at 16:13, but Garmin’s widget is displaying sunset at 16:16. I also tried to switch to some pre installed garmin watch face with sunset and there is the same time as in the widget (16:16). I can provide also some screenshots or additional information on mail if needed. Thanks for your support!

  16. Hi and thanks for your comment! Is it for the same or a different day? I think Garmin’s widget shows the sunrise and sunset times for the current day whole day, while Instinct Pro switches to the next day sunrise/sunset after the current day’s one has passed.

  17. Hi, I have a question regarding the next sun event field. I compared times on the watch face with time available directly in garmin watch (sunrise glance) and they differs. Any ideas why or how to fix it? Thanks!

    Observed at Garmin instinct 2 solar.

  18. As additional setting for the date should be enough. If it’s easier you can develop that as a extra field. 👌🙂

  19. Hey,

    OK, getting clearer 🙂

    Do your comrades need this as a replacement of the regular date field, or in addition to it?


  20. Hey,
    Thank you for your massage.

    Yes, the date time group is a combination.


    The 28th
    Timezone A (Winter)
    22 year

    I wouldn’t remove the “normal” time
    In my opinion I would recommend one of the data field and put the DTG in one of the Options.

    Most of my comrades wear the Garmin instinct and miss this function.

    Hope it works 🙂

  21. Hey,

    Thanks for your feedback and suggestion!

    However I’m not sure what you have in mind, maybe some more explanation or and example would help.

    As far as I understand the date time group combines the time with the date, not sure how this could be done in a watchface?

    As for the date itself (not including time), you can format it any way you like.

  22. Hey,
    Great job. One idea for the time. Can you add the date time group (military)? That would be awesome:)

  23. Love this watch face. Please could you add the ability to have steps as a numeric value In the circle number field. That would be awesome

  24. Please could you add steps into the circle cut out view? That would be great

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