Rails version 3.0.0

What’s new

New time font option

Select ‘Opt4’ from the ‘Time font’ list.

Date field now configurable to allow showing bottom icons text instead

This allows much more information to be shown in the bottom icons. Since the Date is no longer displayed in the bottom field, it can be selected for Opt1 – Opt6 data fields. The choice of data points for the top and bottom icons is now the same.

Launching widgets by screen press

This is only possible on devices with touch screen which run ‘System 6’. According to Garmin, it will not become available on Venu, D2 Air and Venu Sq / Music.

In Rails, these elements are sensitive to touch:

  • Top icons
  • Bottom icons
  • Left data icon
  • Right data icon
  • Opt1 – Opt6 data icons
  • Bottom field (if set to date)

A long press on any of the above launches an associated app (if available).

New data options

• Next calendar event time data option

This is only available on System 6 devices, and will not work unless your watch firmware is updated to System 6.

• Battery days icon option

Only available on compatible devices (notably, not on Forerunners).

New power save mode showing big hollow time

Option to activate full screen on gesture when in power save mode

Allows to display full screen information for about 10 seconds on gesture.

4 thoughts on “Rails version 3.0.0”

  1. Hi and thanks for your reply. I think I already understood the problem and it turned out to be my mistake – the sleep time detection does not work if the user goes to bed after midnight 🙂 It will be corrected soon.

  2. I have a Fenix 6. Setting the watchface to ‘on DND’ as you suggested has fixed the issue. I’m not sure when my last watch update was.

  3. Thanks for your feedback. So far, this has been reported once by a FR245 user. I can’t reproduce it on the devices I have or with Garmin’s simulator, so I’m suspecting Garmin. What is your watch model? Did it receive any firmware update recently? What happens if you set power save to ‘on DnD’ and DnD to be activated automatically for the night?

  4. Setting power save mode to ‘night’ appears to be broken in the latest version. Power save mode is showing during the day, so I’ve had to set this to ‘off to see all the icons on my watch. Not sure if’ this is a Garmin bug or a rails one.

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