Instinct Pro version 2.4.0

What’s new

Dataset switching by gesture

You can choose how many datasets you want to switch by gesture (from 0 to 4).

Switching datasets requires double gesture, to minimize unintended switches when you move your hand for other reasons than looking at your watch.

When you raise your wrist the first time, an indicator bar appears between Data 3 and Data 5. It shows which data set is currently active – the number of bar segments (1 to 4) reflects the currently active set.

While you see the bar, move your wrist again to cycle to the next data set. This movement must be completed within the ‘Gesture timeout’ defined in the settings, or before the bar disappears. If you find it difficult to get the dataset to switch, try making the timeout longer.

Waking up to full display by gesture in power save mode

If you set ‘Full on gesture’ to ‘On’, wrist movement while in power save mode will activate the regular full screen display for about 10 seconds.

Two configurable data line gauges

They are located above (Top line) and below (Bottom line) the time and present the same collection of data as the circle arcs or highlight.

3 new entries have been added for line gauges at the end of the ‘Color setup’. First for line background color (applicable to top/bottom), second for top line foreground, last for bottom line foreground (foreground color reflects the selected data current level/progress). Remember that each entry has two colors for black and white screen background (this applies to AMOLED devices too even though white screen background is not supported).

If you don’t want to see these new data lines, on monochrome devices just set them to ‘Off’. On color devices, the background color will still be visible, so to hide it completely, you will need to edit the ‘Color setup’ to change the line background colors to black and white (white does not apply to AMOLED devices).

For example, with yellow accent:

Before: 61,56,63,0,60,56,56,52,63,56,62,0,60,0,63,0,61,0,61,52,56,56,61,0,61, 0

After: 61,56,63,0,60,56,56,52,63,56,62,0,60,0,63,0,61,0,61,52,0,63,61,0,61,0

Live HR in the circle

This is the new default setting for the circle number. If you have ‘Live HR’ selected for more than one data field, only one of these fields will be updated live, the rest will update according to your ‘Data update’ setting.

Removed the gap between hours and minutes in 24h time format

16 thoughts on “Instinct Pro version 2.4.0”

  1. Hello. Is it possible to buy Instinct pro from Russia? it’s impossible to use PayPal 😦

  2. Hi, I’m replying here as well so that other people can see it. It appears that recent Garmin’s update erases the unlock key from the settings. What you need to do is just put your key back there and save the settings.

  3. Love the top and bottom line.
    I would love it if we have an option to make them permanent and not only data-related.

  4. I believe if the gesture doesn’t work, it is a problem with the watch. I can see this happening with Garmin’s own Connect IQ watch faces.

  5. Is it possible to disable power save mode at night? Instinct 2x user. I believe the gesture doesn’t work in instinct series

  6. Last update broke the watchface. I cant change settings from phone anymore. Instinct 2s user here.

  7. That’s expected, fenix 5 Plus does not support Garmin weather in Connect IQ, according to Garmin’s documentation.

  8. I was messing with DATE format and now I can’t bring the month name, only number shows regardless of small or capital m/M.

    How can I fix it?

  9. On my Fenix 5 Plus, weather information doesn’t show, even though Garmin Weather has updated weather information on my watch.

  10. Thank you for your comment. I am not sure if I understand it correctly though. Data 7 is aligned left, data 8 is aligned right. How could they be aligned in the center? You can set any data cell to ‘Off’, and I think this will be equivalent to merge, the opposite cell will have all the space for itself.

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