Instinct Analog

Analog watch face, Instinct style.


  • 7 data fields with up to 40+ options each
  • 2 sliders showing level/progress of up to 18 data choices
  • 2 arc gauges in the circle
  • 4 configurable status icons (phone, notifications, alarms, do not disturb)
  • 4 configurable datasets switchable by gesture
  • Battery saving options
  • 3 background choices
  • Customizable color accent on devices with color
  • Choice of Garmin* or OWM weather
  • Always on second hand option
  • Live HR and solar charging options for circle number and arc 2

(*) On compatible devices

This watch face is free to download and use. The ‘premium features’ are always accessible, but when the free unlock promotion ends, a floating padlock icon will appear on the screen several seconds after gesture if no valid unlock key is entered.

To download, visit Garmin app store here.

You can support my work by obtaining an unlock key here.

The user manual is available here.

4 thoughts on “Instinct Analog”

  1. Thank you! Mix means black with white. Sorry for it being misleading, I just chose the shortest description I could think of as longer text uses more memory which is scarce on some devices. It does not change by itself. But you can choose a different backgrounds for day and night.

  2. Great watch face! What does “mix” exactly mean? How often does the color change?

  3. Hello and thank you for your feedback! I think this should be possible. If I don’t encounter any unexpected difficulties, will try to add it in the next update.

  4. I really like this watch face. It has so many features to offer, and you can see the most important information at one glance. However, I was wondering if it was possible to display the average heart rate of the last 4 hours in the circle instead of the current heart rate.

Please share your comments or ideas for improvement and new features.

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