Gradient version 3.1.0

What’s new

  • Added stress and altitude graphs

The duration of the stress graph is 4 hours (updated every 3 minutes) and altitude graph 6 hours (updated every 2 minutes).

  • The icon and text in combined fields now centered

  • Two font sizes for Data 3 – 10

This is controlled by a new setting ‘Big data font’ (by default ‘On’).

On most devices a smaller font option has been added which can be activated by setting ‘Big data font’ to ‘Off’. This allows longer data to fit better on the screen.

However, on some devices which come with enormously large system fonts (Venu family, Forerunner 265 and 965), the smallest available font was used already, so the only possible option was to add a larger font. The effect of this is that after update your fonts will appear bigger, which may be useful for those who want better readability. Otherwise, to revert to the previous size, set ‘Big data font’ to ‘Off’.

  • Added climb (meters or feet) data option

  • Fix for status icons (phone connected, do not disturb, notifications, alarms) not updating immediately on some devices

Please share your comments or ideas for improvement and new features.

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