Changing Garmin Connect IQ app settings

Unlike with the built-in Garmin watch faces, where the settings can be accessed directly from the watch settings menu, to customize Connect IQ watch faces settings, you will need to use one of the two available Garmin tools:

Each of these tools has its pros and cons:

Garmin Express

+ You can uninstall the watch face currently active on your watch.

You won’t see the results of your changes until you disconnect the watch from the computer, so if you want to try different settings to decide which you like most, this will be somewhat tedious.

Garmin Connect Mobile

+ You can see the setting changes effect immediately after you press ‘DONE’ button, which generally makes the adjustments easier and faster. This is much more convenient than with Garmin Express and enough to definitely recommend Garmin Connect Mobile as the preferred option to change the settings.

You can’t uninstall the currently active watch face, which means you need to switch to another screen on your watch first. This is just the way Garmin has done it and it seems to be one of the most common reasons for users’ frustration judging from the comments they leave on the review pages.

Please note that both Garmin Express and Garmin Connect Mobile require an active internet connection for the settings adjustments to work, as they go through Garmin server during the process.

Changing the settings with Garmin Express

Changing the settings with Garmin Connect Mobile