Changing the settings with Garmin Connect Mobile

Connect to your watch with Bluetooth

This requires the watch to be paired with your mobile device and it is one of the steps in the initial set-up of a newly purchased watch. For detailed instructions please refer to your watch user manual.

Make sure that Bluetooth is turned on in your watch settings.



The pictures below were taken from Garmin Connect Express some time ago. The appearance of Garmin’s mobile app has evolved since then and some items have been renamed (e.g. ‘Connect IQ Apps’ to ‘Activities & App Management’), but the idea remains the same and the pictures should still be generally relevant.


Open Garmin Connect Mobile and touch the menu icon



Scroll down and select ‘Garmin Devices’



Select your device from the list



Select ‘Connect IQ Apps’



Select the type of app that you want to customize


Occasionally you may see a synchronization status bar at the bottom of the screen. It is advisable to wait for the synchronization to complete before you proceed to modifying apps settings.


Choose an app from the list



Select ‘Settings’



Look for the setting you want to change


Find the setting you want to change (scrolling up and down if needed), make the desired change and press ‘DONE’ button. In general, you can change multiple settings before saving, but please note that in some cases you might need to be aware how different settings interact with one another to achieve the desired result (this is application-specific).