Instinct Pro Color

You can add a touch of color to Instinct Pro by choosing one of the predefined accent options (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Aqua, Blue, Pink). For more advanced customization, you can edit the ‘Color setup’ text parameter in the settings. To define custom colors, use the following numbering:

Color map

The custom color text defines the colors in the order shown below:

1. Hours
2. Minutes
3. Arc 1
4. Arc 2
5. Circle highlight
6. Circle spokes
7. Icons
8. Data
9. Seconds
10. Graph line or area (does not affect colors graph)
11. Line gauges background
12. Top gauge foreground
13. Bottom gauge foreground

Each element has two entries, one for black and one for white background. The numbers must be separated by commas.

So for example, if you want to customize the yellow theme to get red hours, green minutes and blue seconds:

Default: 61,56,63,0,60,56,56,52,63,56,62,0,60,0,63,0,61,0,61,52,56,56,61,0,61,0


After saving the settings with this modification you will get:

To discard your changes and revert to the default theme, simply delete the ‘Color setup’ text and save the settings.

Please note that changes in the ‘Color setup’ will have no effect if the ‘Color accent’ is set to ‘Off’.

On AMOLED devices, white background option is not available, so the ‘Color setup’ entries corresponding to white background will be ignored.

Below are some examples that you can use by copying to your settings:



Q & A

NOTE: The samples below do not take into account the recent addition of the line gauges, but they continue to be applicable.

I want to change the graph color from green to red


Color setup = 12,8,62,4,12,8,60,13,12,8,63,0,61,5,63,0,12,8,12,8

What you need to do:

1) Find the number of the red color you want to use in the color map at the top of this page (say we choose 48)

2) Under the color map, find where in the Color setup the graph color is defined (the last two number for black and white background respectively)

3) Change the ‘Color setup’ entries corresponding to graph color (the last two) to 48

4) Save the settings


Color setup = 12,8,62,4,12,8,60,13,12,8,63,0,61,5,63,0,12,8,48,48

I like the hours to be white/black


Color setup = 48,32,63,0,48,32,62,48,63,32,48,0,62,48,63,0,48,32,62,48

What you need to do:

1) Change the first two entries in the color setup to 63,0

2) Save the settings


Color setup = 63,0,63,0,48,32,62,48,63,32,48,0,62,48,63,0,48,32,62,48

How to hide the horizontal lines

Color setup before: 61,56,63,0,60,56,56,52,63,56,62,0,60,0,63,0,61,0,61,52,56,56,61,0,61,0

Color setup after: 61,56,63,0,60,56,56,52,63,56,62,0,60,0,63,0,61,0,61,52,0,63,0,63,0,63

NOTE: This hides the lines, but does not stop them being updated. To reduce the battery consumption, set ‘Top line’ and ‘Bottom line’ to ‘Off’.

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