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Time Flies

An analog face with a multitude of options to customize the look and feel. It has some unique features such as the ability to store customized color themes and optional ‘dynamic’ hands that reveal the information hidden underneath on wrist movement.

There are several different hour mark and hand styles to choose from and options to configure the display to anything ranging from a very minimalist clean look to a more complex face with four optional data fields and two side gauges.

The digital box can display time (current or alternate time zone), HR graph (covering last 4 hours) or steps goal completion graph (covering last week + today). There is an option to show alternate digital box content on wrist gesture.

The optional data fields can show the typical basic information – date, steps, distance, calories, sunrise/sunset times, altitude and heart rate.

The font size is adjustable, so that the date and optional data fields can be easier to read in poor light conditions or without glasses. Sometimes they just seem to look better when they’re bigger!

On newer watch models, activation of some features of this face requires an unlock key that can be obtained here:

Depending on the watch model, these features may include:
– color theme switching
– some hand and mark designs
– advanced power save modes
– double gesture for better control of display switching

Time Flies user manual

Example Time Flies Configurations

Time Flies unlock


A simple configurable digital face with:

  • 6 customizable color themes (14 base colors + 2 custom colors on supporting models)
  • 4 data fields and 2 rail gauges (options depend on what your watch supports)
  • ‘live’ HR on some watch models
  • flexible date format (for date format definition, see the note below)
  • ‘time only’ battery saving mode that can automatically kick in for the night

On top of that some additional options are available with an unlock key:

  • Enhanced HR statistics
  • Local weather update
  • Selection of the main time font

Get your unlock key

Rails user manual

Night & Day

An advanced watch face with distinct night and day live background themes that change at sunrise and sunset. The sun’s or the moon’s position mimics the movement of the analog hour hand, and the cloud’s position corresponds to the analog minute.

There is an option to activate a second screen for a short while by wrist movement. Both screens provide a total of 7 customizable data fields that can show a variety of information, including GPS coordinates, altitude, fitness stats, weekly history of steps, floors climbed, calories and distance, battery usage info, HR stats, temperature and pressure. Some of these options are only available on specific watch models, depending on the hardware sensors and CIQ version supported by the watch system software.

Night & Day user manual

Night & Day unlock


A configurable digital face with:

  • 10 customizable themes (themes 3 to 10 require unlock key)
  • 4 configurable gauges/data fields with key metrics (options depend on what your watch supports)
  • flexible date format
  • next sunrise/sunset times and moon phase
  • 2 additional time zones
  • weather info (requires unlock key)
  • ‘time only’ battery saving mode that can automatically kick in for the night or be activated by ‘do not disturb’ (requires unlock key).
  • weekly steps graph with min, max, current and average labels
  • HR or atmospheric pressure graph with min, max, current and average readings (requires unlock key)
  • Status icons – phone connection, do not disturb, notifications, alarms

Spinner user manual

Spinner unlock


A casual watch face that shows digital time with dynamic positioning of the displayed numbers, so that the hours, minutes and seconds are shown where the corresponding analog hands would point.

The position of the additional optional information such as date, battery level, fitness stats is adjusted accordingly to minimize overlapping.

Customization settings include colors of the displayed information and choice of optional fields.