Night & Day unlock

step 1

Find the 6-digit ‘Unlock token’ at the bottom of Night & Day settings in Garmin app.

step 2

At the bottom of this page, enter the Unlock token and choose unlock duration. Then press the Pay Now button to make the payment.

The unlock key will be sent from to the email address that you provided to PayPal. If you type your address during the payment, please make sure that you spell it correctly. If you don’t see the email coming, please check your spam folder. Also check that your default PayPal email is correct.

step 3

After receiving an email containing the 12-digit unlock key, enter the key into the ‘Unlock key’ setting field. You can now select any locked settings marked with the key icon. Save the settings and see the result on your watch.

By clicking the ‘Pay Now’ button, you agree to the following conditions:

– The unlock key is tied to the watch, not to the user. So if you buy a new watch, you will need a new key. However if you get your watch replaced by the vendor, you can request a replacement key if you provide a proof of return/exchange of your watch.

– You must provide the correct unlock token for your watch while making the payment. If you enter incorrect token, you will not receive the key, or the key will not work.

If you experience any problems with unlocking the locked features, you can find advice here. If this doesn’t help, you can use the Contact Developer link on the download page, leaving your correct contact address. Otherwise there’s no way for the developer to get back to you.

Before you click the ‘Pay now’ button, please double check that you have entered your correct unlock token in the field below:

Unlock duration
Enter unlock token:
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