Transaction completed

Thank you for supporting Reed Works app development.

Your PayPal transaction has been completed and a receipt for your payment has been emailed to you. You may log in to your PayPal account to view the details of this transaction.

You will also receive an email from Reed Works containing your unlock key. The key has been sent from to the email address you have provided to PayPal.

If you don’t see the email coming, please check your email spam folder and also note that it will not come if the email address you provided to PayPal was misspelled or invalid.

The email will contain correct unlock key only if you have entered correct unlock token while making the payment.

After receiving the key, please copy it into the ‘Unlock key’ setting, and then save the settings (you need to see the message “settings saved successfully”).

The ‘Key status’ field at the bottom may not be updated immediately, so the best way to test the key is by selecting some locked features in the settings and checking the result on the watch.

Then you can return to the settings to check the ‘Key status’.

PLEASE NOTE: The ‘key icons’ in the settings will not disappear after unlocking (this is currently not possible by limitation of Garmin’s settings design).

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