Rails version 3.2.0

What’s new

• Heat map style gauges

This feature is controlled by a new setting option ‘Rails mode’. When set to ‘Color’ the rail gauges follow the current color theme. When set to ‘Heat map’, the rail gauges start from blue on the left and progress towards red on the right.

The exact appearance of this feature depends on the number of different colors supported by the device. Generally it is expected to look better on devices with more colors.

• Optional offset for the internal temperature sensor

This in theory could allow to compensate for external factors affecting the internal watch sensor temperature readings.

• Date2

The additional date field that can be used in several ways:

– Two different date formats can be switched easily, without the need to enter the format again

– A long date can be split in two and displayed in different places on the screen (e.g. above and below the time)

– The additional date format can be used to define arbitrary text, with the help of the ‘=’ escape character

The format for Date2 is separated by the ‘|’ symbol from the base Date in the format entry field.

Rails version 3.1.0

What’s new

More OWM weather data:
  • Air quality (1 = best, 5 = worst)
  • Humidity with dew point

These options require own OWM API key.


Daily meters or feet climbed.

Text data fields font size

The text data fields (Date, Weather location, Free text) font size can be set from 0 to 4 (these are the text sizes available in Garmin’s Connect IQ system).

Some devices do not have all 5 font sizes onboard. If you have one of these, font size increment/decrement might not always produce visible effect.

Rails version 3.0.0

What’s new

New time font option

Select ‘Opt4’ from the ‘Time font’ list.

Date field now configurable to allow showing bottom icons text instead

This allows much more information to be shown in the bottom icons. Since the Date is no longer displayed in the bottom field, it can be selected for Opt1 – Opt6 data fields. The choice of data points for the top and bottom icons is now the same.

Launching widgets by screen press

This is only possible on devices with touch screen which run ‘System 6’. According to Garmin, it will not become available on Venu, D2 Air and Venu Sq / Music.

In Rails, these elements are sensitive to touch:

  • Top icons
  • Bottom icons
  • Left data icon
  • Right data icon
  • Opt1 – Opt6 data icons
  • Bottom field (if set to date)

A long press on any of the above launches an associated app (if available).

New data options

• Next calendar event time data option

This is only available on System 6 devices, and will not work unless your watch firmware is updated to System 6.

• Battery days icon option

Only available on compatible devices (notably, not on Forerunners).

New power save mode showing big hollow time

Option to activate full screen on gesture when in power save mode

Allows to display full screen information for about 10 seconds on gesture.

Rails version 2.20.0

What’s new

Body weight

Shows body weight according to Garmin User Profile.

Sun bar

When selected for one of the rails it shows daylight, golden and blue hours (and a mark for sunrise/sunset) in a 2 hour window.

If the ‘Sun bar + times’ option is selected, it will override the data fields above or below the rail with golden/blue/twilight hours.

Countdown timer

To conserve space, now it shows only the part that is significant in comparison with the remaining countdown time. So it will show only the number of remaining days if it is larger than zero, otherwise it will show hours:minutes.

Rails version 2.18.0

NOTE: This post describes combined new features of releases 2.18.0 and 2.17.0, since they were made in quick succession.

What’s new

  • 6 new data points (stress, body battery, respiration rate, time to recovery, VO2Max (running + cycling)*
  • Battery in days added if battery info is displayed in data fields Opt 1 – Opt 4*
  • Location fallback to Garmin weather if not available from activity**
  • Oversize HR and seconds / Oversize data options now also available on AMOLED/LCD devices
  • 2 more custom colors
  • 2 additional data fields (Opt 5 between Opt 1 and Opt 2 and Opt 6 between Opt 3 and Opt 4)
  • Top icons text hidden when the icon color is the same as the background color
  • ‘Feels like’ can be selected for all data fields
  • ‘Chance of rain’ renamed to ‘Precipitation’. If it is selected for Opt 1 – Opt 4, precipitation volume [mm] will be appended if available
  • More data options for ‘Right data’ and ‘When seconds off, show’ fields

Important notes

(*) The highly anticipated new data is only available on some devices and may require firmware update from Garmin before it starts working. So it may happen that it will not be displayed on your watch yet (you will see “–” instead).

To check if your device is compatible, go to the watch menu System / About / SW versions and look for “Connect IQ System 5” or “API level” higher than 3.3.0.

It has been tested OK on Garmin’s simulator and on a real Venu, so hopefully it should be working on your watch too, as soon as the update to System 5 arrives.

Connect IQ System 5 has rolled out on a number of devices with more coming:

Now AvailablePublic Beta AvailableComing Soon
Forerunner® 245 Series
Forerunner® 745
Forerunner® 945
Forerunner® 945 LTE
Venu® Series
Venu® 2 Series
Venu® 2 Plus Series
Vivoactive 4 Series
Edge® 530
Edge® 830
Edge® 1030
Edge® 1030 Plus
epixTM (gen 2)
fēnix® 5 Plus Series
fēnix® 6 Series
fēnix® 7 Series
Instinct® 2 Series
MARQ® Series
quatix® 6
tactix® 6
Venu® Sq Series

(**) This is only available on devices running Connect IQ 3.2.x and supporting Garmin weather

Rails version 2.15.0

  • Added option for “Active bar” (= opposite to “Move bar”)

Standard move bar grows while you stay inactive and is cleared when you start moving again.

Active bar is the opposite. It is full when you are active and decreases after a period of inactivity.

  • Added battery level option for data fields on some devices (including solar charging level if supported)

This option is not available on Venu family.

  • Attempted a workaround for the problem with waking up from night power save mode

There seems to be a firmware problem with the watch reporting incorrect wake up time set in Garmin user profile (looks like adding a random number of seconds to the specified time). As a result the waking up from the night power save mode would not work. This workaround may help but it is not guaranteed to wake up from the power save mode at the exact wake time specified in user profile.

Rails version 2.14.0

Countdown timer entry method changed:

  • This is an attempt to avoid problems caused by the calendar widget in the settings in Garmin apps
  • In addition, now the timer can be set with minute accuracy
  • Counter expiry time is entered as YYMMDDhhmm (year, month, day, hour, minute), without spaces, all must be 2 digits)

For example, to set the timer at 12 July 2022 12 noon, enter:


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