RW Sensor

A widget to show the watch sensor data

The options depend on what sensors are available on your device.

At most you will get:

-HR (up to 6 hours)
-SpO2 (up to 8 days)
-Body battery (up to 24 hours)
-Stress (up to 4 hours)
-Watch temperature (up to 6 hours)
-Barometric pressure (up to 6 hours)
-Elevation (up to 6 hours)

The graphs can be zoomed in/out and scrolled left/right.

Several graph styles are possible, depending on the device.

Some options can be adjusted directly on the watch by pressing the menu button.

Besides the graph, the timestamp of the first and last sample of the current span is shown, as well as the duration in seconds between samples.


Operation is very simple:

1) Use the Select button or a screen tap to switch between Select/Zoom/Scroll modes (depending on the device input capabilities)

2) Use the Up/Down buttons or swipe up/swipe down to move in the currently selected mode

On top of that, the basic settings (Graph style, Glance/Preview span, marker lines) are accessible by the Menu button while in the main display (so it won’t work when you are in glance or preview).

Graph styles

  • Line
  • Area
  • Colors

    Color mapping depends on the type of the graph:

    HR: according to the sport for which the current activity retrieves heart rate zone thresholds, or ‘generic’ if there is no activity:

    zone 1 – gray,
    zone 2 – blue,
    zone 3 – green,
    zone 4 – yellow,
    zone 5 – red

    Body battery:

    <= 25 – red,
    <= 50 – yellow,
    <= 75 – green,
    <= 100 – blue


    <= 25 – blue,
    <= 50 – green,
    <= 75 – yellow,
    <= 100 – red


    <= 92.5 – red,
    <= 95.0 – yellow,
    <= 97.5 – green,
    <= 100.0 blue

    Elevation, Pressure, Temperature:

    lowest 25% – blue,
    lower medium 25% – green,
    upper medium 25% – yellow,
    highest 25% – red

  • Color line, Smooth, Sticks

    The colors change gradually from blue (lowest) to red (highest).

    The appearance of these modes depends on how many colors your device can show.


This app has two additional copies on the store. If you install them, you can display multiple glances showing different data configurations simultaneously.

Download 2

Download 3

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