Rails version 3.1.0

What’s new

More OWM weather data:
  • Air quality (1 = best, 5 = worst)
  • Humidity with dew point

These options require own OWM API key.


Daily meters or feet climbed.

Text data fields font size

The text data fields (Date, Weather location, Free text) font size can be set from 0 to 4 (these are the text sizes available in Garmin’s Connect IQ system).

Some devices do not have all 5 font sizes onboard. If you have one of these, font size increment/decrement might not always produce visible effect.

Instinct Pro version 2.6.0

What’s new

This release adds some more data points and ways of presenting them.

New data

  • Resting HR
  • Climb (m or ft)
  • Option to show weather with feels like temperature in addition to current temperature
  • Option to show humidity with dew point (OWM only)
  • Second date field allowing different date format (separated by | symbol in date format field)

Alternate circle number format

The existing ‘Circle number’ option was renamed to ‘Circle number 1’ and another option called ‘Circle number 2’ was added.

‘Circle number 2’ generally allows the same choice of data as the main data fields (except date and weather location), and uses the same font and icon.

If ‘Circle number 1’ is set to ‘Off’ and ‘Circle number 2’ is set to something else, the ‘Circle number 2’ will be shown in the circle. Note that you can alternate the circle number format between different data sets.

Resting Heart Rate

On compatible devices (Connect IQ 3.2.0 or higher) it shows “The user’s seven day average resting heart rate (bpm)”. On older devices it shows “Heart rate in beats per minute (bpm)”, whatever that is (It could be entered manually or otherwise the watch has some obscure way of calculating it).

Second date field

An additional date option called ‘Date 2’ was added. The date format for ‘Date 2’ is defined after the format for ‘Date’ in the ‘Date format’ field. The two formats are separated by the “|” symbol.

So for example, in the picture shown above, the ‘Date format’ is “n D|N y”.

There are at least two ways it can be used:

1) A long date can be split in two to make it fit better on the screen
2) Alternate longer/shorter date can be used for different data sets to make it fit with the defined layout

Distance units

In an earlier update, the distance unit (km or mi) was removed to reduce the space occupied by the distance field. But this turned out to be unpopular with some users, so now there are options to choose the daily/weekly distance with or without the units.

Added existing data options in new places

  • Battery days option added for Data right or Data left (depending on the device)
  • Solar intensity option added for top and bottom lines

Gradient version 2.4.0

What’s new:

  • Added battery remaining days display:
    • It shows after battery % in data fields 5 – 8 (see picture)
    • It will only work on devices supporting System 5

NOTE: Apparently currently many devices with System 5 on it are not able to display this data. If you don’t see it showing on your watch even though you have System 5, please wait for a firmware update from Garmin.