Gradient version 1.7.0

  • Internal sensor temperature with offset

The offset setting is only accessible through Garmin app.

  • Barometer

There are 4 options provided, using different Garmin API:

1) raw: Ambient (local) barometric pressure as measured by the internal pressure sensor. The data is the temperature compensated information read directly from the internal sensor.

2) ambient: Ambient (local) barometric pressure as measured by the pressure sensor. The data is smoothed by a two-stage filter to reduce noise and instantaneous variation.

3) sea level: Barometric pressure calibrated to sea level. Since pressure varies dues to several factors, a GPS-based altitude must first be obtained, then the ambient (local) pressure is measured by the pressure sensor before conversion to a calibrated barometric pressure value.

4) history: Pressure read using Sensor History Iterator. Garmin does not seem to specify what kind of reading this is (or I have not managed to find it in the documentation), but based on empirical tests it is likely to produce closest results to Garmin’s barometer widget readings.

The pressure unit setting is only accessible through Garmin app.

Time Flies version 4.6.0

  • The status icons can be individually enabled or hidden

    This feature was only added on devices running CIQ 3.0 or later.

    How it works:

    In the settings there is a new ‘Icons selection’ field. In it, type the letters corresponding to the icons you want to be shown, and delete the letters corresponding to the icons you don’t want to see:

    B – battery icon with numeric charge level shown in %
    b – battery icon without the number
    p – phone connected (Bluetooth icon)
    d – do not disturb
    a – alarm(s) set
    n – notifications
    N – notifications with a number of pending notifications

    Note that the B and N replace the ‘Icons with numbers’ option that now has been removed.

    The order of letters does not affect the order of the icons.
  • Workaround for a watch system issue that might prevent waking up from the night power save mode

Rails version 2.15.0

  • Added option for “Active bar” (= opposite to “Move bar”)

Standard move bar grows while you stay inactive and is cleared when you start moving again.

Active bar is the opposite. It is full when you are active and decreases after a period of inactivity.

  • Added battery level option for data fields on some devices (including solar charging level if supported)

This option is not available on Venu family.

  • Attempted a workaround for the problem with waking up from night power save mode

There seems to be a firmware problem with the watch reporting incorrect wake up time set in Garmin user profile (looks like adding a random number of seconds to the specified time). As a result the waking up from the night power save mode would not work. This workaround may help but it is not guaranteed to wake up from the power save mode at the exact wake time specified in user profile.

Rails version 2.14.0

Countdown timer entry method changed:

  • This is an attempt to avoid problems caused by the calendar widget in the settings in Garmin apps
  • In addition, now the timer can be set with minute accuracy
  • Counter expiry time is entered as YYMMDDhhmm (year, month, day, hour, minute), without spaces, all must be 2 digits)

For example, to set the timer at 12 July 2022 12 noon, enter: