Example Time Flies Configurations

The examples below show how Time Flies settings can be used to customize the looks and the contents of this face. For detailed explanation of how different settings work, please have a look at the Time Flies user manual.

  1. Starting from Layout 1 and Theme 1
  2. ‘Marks’ to ‘Numeric’
  3. ‘Marks font’ to ‘Opt 3’
  4. ‘Main marks size’ to ‘S’
  5. ‘Hand shape’ to ‘Arrow’
  6. ‘Analog sec shape’ to ‘Arrow’
  7. ‘Opt 1 – Opt 4’ to ‘Off’
  8. ‘Left gauge’ and ‘Right gauge’ to ‘Off’
  9. ‘DBox’ to ‘Right’
  10. ‘Dbox’ to ‘Date’
  11. Clear ‘Icons selection’
  12. ‘Texture’ to ‘Off’
  13. ‘Pattern’ to ‘Off’
  14. ‘Background’ to ‘Black’
  15. ‘Main marks’ to ‘White’
  16. ‘Seconds’ to ‘Lt Gray’
  17. ‘DBox’ to ‘Dk Gray’
  18. ‘DBox frame’ to ‘Black’
  1. Starting from Theme 1
  2. ‘Marks’ to ‘Numeric’
  3. ‘Gauges’ to ‘Hash’
  4. ‘Date format’ to ‘n D n’
  5. ‘Opt 2’ to steps, ‘Opt 3’ to ‘Wrist HR, ‘Opt 4’ to ‘Altitude’
  6. ‘Font size’ to ‘XL’
  7. ‘Hand shape’ to ‘Sword’
  8. ‘Hand width’ to 4
  9. ‘Analog sec shape’ to ‘Arrow’
  10. ‘Anti alias mode’ on
  11. ‘Texture’ to ‘Opt 2’
  12. ‘Pattern to ‘P4’
  13. ‘Custom color 1′ to ’47’
  14. ‘Custom color 2′ to ’62’
  15. ‘Hands’ to ‘Orange’
  16. ‘Background to ‘Blue’
  17. ‘Texture’ to ‘Black’
  18. ‘Pattern’ to ‘Lt Gray’
  19. ‘Foreground’ to ‘Custom color 2’
  20. ‘Seconds’ to ‘Custom color 1’
  1. Starting from Theme 1
  2. Marks -> Numeric
  3. Marks font -> Opt 1
  4. Hand shape -> Tapered
  5. Hand width -> XL
  6. ‘Opt 4’ to ‘Altitude’
  7. Analog sec shape -> Wedge
  8. Font size -> S
  9. Date format -> n D N
  10. Gauge type -> Full
  11. Gauge style -> Hash
  12. Gauge size -> M
  13. Opt 2 -> Steps
  14. Opt 3 -> SpO2
  15. Opt 4 -> Wrist HR
  16. Pattern -> P13
  17. Pattern -> Dk Gray
  18. Main marks -> Red
  19. Marks -> White
  20. DBox frame -> Dk Red
  21. Left gauge bg -> Dk Red
  22. Left gauge -> Lt Gray
  23. Right gauge bg -> Dk Red
  24. Right gauge -> Lt Gray

These are just some of the possibilities. You can explore, experiment and find your own favorite configuration. A detailed description of each feature and more images illustrating how it works can be found in Time Flies user manual.

23 thoughts on “Example Time Flies Configurations”

  1. This is a fantastic Watch Face that I’ll be using when my Garmin arrives in the post.

    The ONE THING I’d love to see is the inside of the battery icon being green (full), yellow (half full) and red (almost empty).

  2. Can you please explain in more detail what you mean by “I cannot set it”? Maybe it will be easier to communicate by email, you can use the “Contact Developer” link on the download page. Thanks

  3. I can ask for a detailed description of how to set the wallpaper so that I have such things as the date, temperature outside, battery level, pulse because I cannot set it

  4. Excellent watch face, I’m having so much fun customising it to my liking. I’ve settled on a certain look, but every now and then I enjoy to tweek it further.
    I also enjoy the added features, like the edge lines that show progress etc, and wish you will add even more, so you’ll stay the top customisable watch face.

  5. Hello and thanks!

    This is explained in the chapter “Locked features” of the manual – “If you select any option that requires a key, but you don’t have a valid key, the selected option either will not be activated, or it will default to the nearest option in the list that does not need the key. In addition, a key icon will appear in the icon list on top of the face, or in the DBox.”

  6. Hello.
    What means the icon near bluetooth that look like a key ? I dont see this icon on any screen on yor manual. I have Garmin Venu. By the way – great watchface 😀

  7. Hi!
    Is it possible to add ONLY battery satus icon(better in option1-4). I dont need the others.

  8. Hello, I really like this watch face with it’s many options. Is it possible to display the current temperature on the watch face with yours? Would it be possible to add this in the future?
    Thank you!

  9. How can I remove the messages icon on my vivoactive 3 ? Doesn’t seem to be an option

    Keep up the good work this watch face is great

  10. Love this watchface almost completely, but I’m wondering if it’s possible to show the current temperature in one of the four Opt boxes?
    If this is not possible, would it become possible in the future?

  11. Yes, this is expected behavior. Unfortunately Garmin does not allow the watch face to be updated every second on Chronos. Time Flies only shows the second hand if it can be displayed permanently.

  12. Since you’re asking this question, my guess is that your watch might not allow showing the second hand. By Garmin’s design, this is only possible on the newer models, beginning with fenix 5, and on these the second hand is enabled by default.

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