A new informative and flexible way of showing your data.

The data level highlight allows you to see the progress on your stats like steps or calories, or compare the current value with the respective minimum and maximum (e.g. current temperature vs daily forecast), but it also makes the watch appearance alive and changing as you move through the day.

For a more precise gauge, the highlight can be replaced with a line indicator.

Also, the data field can be expanded to full screen width by switching off the opposite field.

And with all this, still you will not see lag or high battery drain.

The conveniently arranged ‘settings on the watch’ mean you don’t need to look for your phone when you want to change the looks or the contents of the display quickly.

  • 16 configurable data fields
  • graphical indicator showing the progress / level / graph in each of the main data fields
  • 39 color theme options
  • theme colors override for more customization
  • settings on the watch
  • full AOD with burn-in protection on Venu family
  • available information:
    • phone connection
    • notifications
    • alarms
    • do not disturb
    • battery level
    • solar charging
    • activity bar
    • steps
    • daily distance
    • weekly distance
    • calories
    • active calories
    • floors climbed
    • daily active minutes
    • weekly active minutes
    • heart rate (with live on gesture option)
    • heart rate graph with adjustable duration (1 – 4 hours)
    • heart rate range
    • heart rate average and resting
    • blood oxygen saturation (SpO2)
    • stress
    • body battery
    • respiration
    • time to recovery
    • altitude
    • sunrise/sunset time
    • moon age
    • internal sensor temperature with offset
    • 4 barometer options
    • weather
    • wind
    • humidity
    • chance of rain
    • weather location
    • weather time
    • day of week
    • day of month
    • month
    • year
    • ISO week number

NOTE: The available options depend on the device.


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2 thoughts on “Gradient”

  1. Hi!

    This is the ‘Gold’ theme with additional customization: hours = ffaa00, minutes = ffff55, colon = ffffaa.

  2. Hi what’s is the color combinations displayed in the Garmin store? The one with yellow and orange…

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