Night & Day

Data-rich watch face with a sky wallpaper.

Distinct night and day live customizable themes change at sunrise and sunset. The sun’s or the moon’s position mimics the movement of the analog hour hand, and the cloud’s position corresponds to the analog minute. On top of that, the cloud image changes according to current weather conditions. You can also have your watch screen more entertaining with birds and stars (and sometimes a surprise visitor) moving around.

But if you don’t care about funny graphics and just want the data, you can easily switch all the animations off, or choose which you want to keep and which you don’t.

There is an option to activate a second screen for 10 seconds by wrist gesture. Both screens provide a total of 7 customizable data fields in which you can place any type of data available:

  • date
  • two alternate time zones with editable text descriptions
  • pressure and temperature from internal watch sensors
  • weather text description
  • wind speed and direction
  • current, min, max, and feels like temperature
  • distance and calories
  • calories and active calories
  • steps, floors (climbed/descended), intensity minutes – counter vs goal
  • climb (ascent-descent)
  • steps, distance, floors (up/down), calories, intensity minutes weekly history bar graph with a choice of basic stats (max, average, total)
  • steps goal completion, floors goal completion bar graph
  • 4 hour graph showing data from watch internal sensors (pressure, temperature, elevation, HR)
  • HR + SpO2
  • HR stats (last-min-avg-max)
  • inactivity alert with timer
  • GPS coordinates
  • altitude
  • sunrise, sunset, moon age
  • battery usage info with remaining time estimation

NOTE: The available options depend on the device.


Night & Day unlock

Night & Day user manual

Please share your comments or ideas for improvement and new features.

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