If you are looking for a watch face that shows some serious data, but also lets you play with the looks, try this one.

  • 12 customizable themes, switchable on the watch
    • free choice of screen element colors from the 64-color Garmin palette
    • 15 optional background patterns
  • 4 configurable gauges/data fields with many data choices
  • flexible date format
  • next sunrise/sunset times and moon phase
  • 2 additional time zones with editable descriptions
  • weather info
    • conditions icon with current and feels like temperature
    • wind speed and direction
    • humidity
    • pressure
    • chance of precipitation
    • minimum temperature
    • maximum temperature
    • weather location
    • last update time
  • ‘time only’ battery saving mode that can automatically kick in for the night or be activated by ‘do not disturb’
  • innovative battery-saving seconds display option
  • weekly steps or climbed floors bar graph with min, max, current and average labels
  • sensor history graph with min, max, current and average readings
    • wrist HR
    • temperature
    • barometric pressure
    • elevation
  • Status icons – phone connection, do not disturb, notifications, alarms, AM/PM

NOTE: The available options depend on the device.


Spinner unlock

Spinner user manual

Please share your comments or ideas for improvement and new features.

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