Time Flies

Clean and easy to read analog face with plenty of options to customize the look and displayed data.

If you are wondering where its name comes from – this watch face has a special feature. If you think the standard ‘move bar’ is boring, you can enable flies that will come and annoy you when you don’t move for too long.

  • 6 customizable color themes, switchable on the watch
    • 64 color options for screen elements
    • 18 optional face background patterns
    • 2 background texture options
  • 10 hand shape options with adjustable width and length
  • 7 analog second options with adjustable size
  • Dynamic hands option to reveal information underneath on gesture
  • Choice of hash, triangle, round or 3 styles of numeric hour marks
  • 2 perimeter data gauges:
    • steps, floors, calories (total and active), daily or weekly intensity minutes goal completion
    • stress
    • body battery
    • move bar
    • battery level
  • Gauges can be shown as solid arcs or double as hash or dots minute marks
  • 2 size options for main marks and 3 size options for gauges
  • Configurable status icons
  • 4 configurable data fields:
    • battery %
    • date
    • alternate or UTC time
    • steps
    • floors
    • distance
    • calories or active calories
    • daily or weekly intensity minutes
    • Wrist HR
    • SpO2
    • stress
    • body battery
    • respiration rate
    • time to recovery
    • VO2 Max (running & cycling)
    • altitude
    • next sun event
    • moon age (days since last new moon)
    • barometric pressure and trend
    • weather
    • wind speed and direction
    • relative humidity
    • temperature range
    • precipitation change
    • weather observation time
  • Digital box options:
    • battery %
    • current, alternate zone or UTC time
    • date
    • notifications counter
    • steps counter
    • HR, barometric or elevation graph
    • steps goal completion graph
    • wrist HR
    • SpO2
    • stress
    • body battery
  • Digital box content switchable by gesture
  • Double gesture option for better switching control
  • Adjustable data font size
  • Fully flexible date format
  • Power saving modes:
    • blank / full on gesture
    • reduced / full on gesture
    • can be activated for the night or by DND

NOTE: The available options depend on the device.


Time Flies unlock

Time Flies user manual

Time Flies Configuration examples

2 thoughts on “Time Flies”

  1. I have the Penix 6X Saphire, the picture shows that I can have the battery % beside the Battery Icon at the top, but how do I select this please?

    Also the pic shows more fields both Left & Right – how do I select these?

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