Rails version 3.2.0

What’s new

• Heat map style gauges

This feature is controlled by a new setting option ‘Rails mode’. When set to ‘Color’ the rail gauges follow the current color theme. When set to ‘Heat map’, the rail gauges start from blue on the left and progress towards red on the right.

The exact appearance of this feature depends on the number of different colors supported by the device. Generally it is expected to look better on devices with more colors.

• Optional offset for the internal temperature sensor

This in theory could allow to compensate for external factors affecting the internal watch sensor temperature readings.

• Date2

The additional date field that can be used in several ways:

– Two different date formats can be switched easily, without the need to enter the format again

– A long date can be split in two and displayed in different places on the screen (e.g. above and below the time)

– The additional date format can be used to define arbitrary text, with the help of the ‘=’ escape character

The format for Date2 is separated by the ‘|’ symbol from the base Date in the format entry field.

Please share your comments or ideas for improvement and new features.

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